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The 4 Steps to Take Once You're Ready to Lose Weight

By Staci Amend
March 9, 2015

Anyone who’s ever embarked upon a weight loss journey can tell you about their “moment”—that instant when they realized it was REALLY time for a change. For some, it’s the moment they realize they can’t tie their own shoes; for others, it might be a weight-related health problem, or the inability to keep up with a wily toddler. But even though each person’s realization may be different, all weight loss moments have one thing in common: seeds of change lie within! So what’s next? Here are a few positive steps you can take right away.

Put it in writing
Your weight loss moment will likely be full of emotion, and no two are alike; you might feel angry, hopeless, sad or even excited about happier, healthier days to come. But regardless of what you’re feeling, those feelings have POWER—and it’s important to harness this. As soon as you can, take a few minutes (or as long as you like) to get your feelings down on paper. Describe your moment in detail: what inspired it, how it made you feel, and what you plan to do about it. It can be 10 words or 1,000… what matters is capturing genuine emotion.

Tell a friend
When you’re on the cusp of an important decision, sometimes sharing that choice with those close to you can make ALL the difference. Not only are you likely to get encouragement from your friends and family—you’ll also add a layer of accountability to your decision. When others know about the changes on your horizon, and are there to support you, you’ll be less likely to back out… and more likely to follow through with your decision.

Place the call
Once you’ve started forming your “support posse,” you’re ready to place the call that will change your life—to Jenny Craig. Call or stop by your local center, and connect (or reconnect) with your personal consultant. At your first one-on-one appointment, which will take about an hour, you’ll have the opportunity to talk in depth about your weight loss goals, and address any questions or concerns you might have about the journey you’re about to begin.

Make a plan
At your first Jenny Craig consultation, you may also set your menu for your first week, and you may even go home with a week’s worth of food! If you’re planning to start right away, you’ll want to clear some space in your freezer and pantry for all those delicious Jenny Craig entrees, snacks and extras. Now’s also a good time to donate or toss any unhealthy items in your pantry, and restock with your weight loss journey in mind; ask your consultant to help you make a Jenny Craig-friendly shopping list and plan out your first week’s snacks and free foods.

There may be a few days, or even weeks, between your moment and the first day of your journey. Don’t think of this “lame duck” period as your last chance to enjoy pizza or potato chips; stockpiling calories will only make your transition to healthier eating feel more abrupt. Instead, use this time to start making healthier choices, even if they’re small ones. But most of all, start fostering a positive attitude—visualize how you’ll look and feel as the pounds start to come off. Tell yourself you CAN DO THIS… because you can, and you will!

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