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Support Makes the Difference

You don’t have to go it alone. And you shouldn’t! In addition to your consultant, gaining support from others can be a key factor in reaching your weight loss goals.

Partner up

Ask a friend to join Jenny with you. Researchers in one study compared people who joined a weight loss program with family or friends to those who joined alone. Ninety-five percent of those with support completed the program, while only 76% of those who joined solo followed through.1 Who can take this journey with you?

Ask for it

Support comes in many shapes and sizes – parents, spouses, kids, friends, co-workers, neighbors… Call a neighbor and set up evening walks. Ask your husband to keep snack foods at his office. Think about who would be in your corner. They are probably more than willing to help; you just have to ask.

Be social

Get in on the conversation! Celebrate reaching milestones. Get support for the moments when the donut is calling you. Connect with real people who get where you're coming from. Check out our online community:

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For even more insights and inspiration, follow Jenny on facebook, twitter, youtube and pinterest. Remember, a journey is always a little easier when you have company.

1. Wing RR, Jeffery RW. J Consult Clin Psychol. 1999;67:132-138.