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Strategies to Help Manage Stress

Sudden, unplanned life events (even positive ones) bring a flood of thoughts and emotions that can disrupt your recently developed routine. Job, health or relationship changes can all interrupt your healthy lifestyle. Experiences like these could be major factors in weight regain, but they don’t have to be.

Being able to manage stressful emotions, interactions and events is an important part of weight maintenance. Maintenance means more than just holding on to a number on the scale. It’s living a more balanced lifestyle -- developing a flexible, moderate approach to life’s ups and downs. Doing so reduces the need to revert to old habits of coping that led to weight gain in the past.

Use strategies that helped you manage stress and emotions during the weight loss process or try new ones.

● Take a few moments to breathe to restore balance

● Utilize one or more of the four stress management techniques in “Feeling Stresssssed?”.

● Create a plan to eat healthy even when life gets hectic.

● Practice healthy self-talk and self-compassion to increase your odds for success.

Life is unpredictable. Practice being flexible with your new, healthier regimen so that you are more ready to roll with the punches when life throws you a curve.