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Staying Motivated: How to Get There

Looking and feeling your best is an attainable goal, especially when fueled by a positive attitude. We've all been there - the scale hasn't budged even after a week of healthy eating and exercise. Don't let a small setback, set you back on your weight management goals. Staying motivated is a challenge, but a worthwhile goal. If you stay positive, you will most likely stay on course.

Here are some ways to stay motivated:

  • Celebrate your wins! If you've lost a few pounds or just spent the month eating healthfully, you should be proud of yourself.Treat yourself to a new gym bag or a new "Little Black Dress" to fit your trim figure.
  • Cultivate a healthy support system. Tell your friends about your weight loss goals and ask them to be your cheerleaders. A little help goes a long way!
  • Visit the Jenny Craig community! You’ll find plenty of support and motivation from Jenny Craig members on a similar journey. Ask for help or just gather inspiration from others!
  • Think ahead! It may be hard to picture yourself in the body you wish to attain, but this is an important step in staying motivated. Looking forward can help you move forward, toward a happier, healthier body image.
  • Here's to a "happy", healthier you.