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Sneak in These Outdoor Workouts Before it's too Hot!

By Ali Struhs

Summer is finally here! Now is the perfect time to move your exercise routine outside. Whether you go for an early morning walk or play a tennis match, take advantage of June’s ideal weather or cool summer mornings to get fresh air while burning calories before summer’s heat and humidity makes exercising outside miserable. Here are five outdoor workouts to sneak in before it’s too hot!

Early start
Set out your running gear and shoes before you go to bed, and don’t forget to set your alarm! Hit the sidewalk running or walking first thing in the morning while the air is still cool. Your dog would, of course, love to join you! Regardless of your speed, you’ll return home feeling energized and ready to start your day.

Take a hike
With wildflowers blooming, the nearby trails are calling you. Choose a trail you love, or a new trail for an early summer adventure with a destination you’re excited to see. Take in the natural surroundings, June sunshine, and fresh air, and you probably won’t even notice just how far you’ve hiked! Even though it’s not the dog days of summer just yet, be sure to wear sun protection and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Play a game
Early summer mornings make for the perfect setting for tennis or golf. Make it a date with your best girl friends or your spouse to play a match of tennis or a round of golf before the hot sun is beaming in the afternoon. Join a city recreation league to get in your daily dose of exercise while playing softball or soccer and socializing.

Yoga in the park
What could be more zen than yoga in the park? Bring your yoga practice outside! Find your favorite tree and lay out your yoga mat in the shade, or you can even leave your mat at home and utilize the soft, green grass. Focus on connecting your body with nature with each position. Take a little me-time after your workout to relax, listen to music, and read a book.

Workout on wheels
Biking and rollerblading are both excellent options for a calorie-burning cardio workout that is actually low impact and easier on your joints. Buckle up your helmet and lace up your rollerblades and skate your favorite park path. Hop on your bike and ride to the park before practicing yoga, and you’ll squeeze in a double workout in the fresh air!

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