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Sneak in Exercise During Back to School Season

By Ali Struhs
October 1, 2014

The lazy days of summer are officially over when the school bell rings. Between getting your kids to school, running them to soccer practice, and the hours and hours of new homework on top of getting your own errands, cleaning, and work done, you may find your exercise routine starts to take a back seat during this time of year. But you can continue your fitness plan! Here’s how to sneak in exercise during back-to-school season.

Speed walk
Back to school means less time for getting your errands done. To save time and squeeze in a cardio workout, speed walk between your errands. You can briskly walk while shopping for groceries, or while going from your home or car to the mailbox or store.

Crunches in the carpool line
While you’re patiently waiting for your kids in the carpool line, work on your core. With the car in park, sit with your feet hip-width apart and flat on the floor. Contract your lower abs and round your back toward your hips to engage your core. Hold this contracted position for 10 seconds before returning to a neutral sitting position. Repeat until your kids get to the car.

Wear a pedometer
You can pile on the miles while back-to-school shopping, so keep track of all of your steps by wearing a pedometer. Choose a parking spot far away from the entrance, avoid elevators, and comb every aisle to add up the steps. You’ll be surprised at how much exercise you can get by walking the aisles for pencils, crayons, and loose-leaf paper.

Participate with your kids
Since many kids’ sports begin in the fall, make it a point to join in the fun. Arrive at practice a few minutes early to throw the football with your child, or to help her work on passing the soccer ball. You’ll help them hone their skills and sneak in some physical activity for you. While they are at practice, lace up your jogging shoes and go for a run around the park. Then, walk home together for more exercise.

Workout on the weekend
While you might need an extra 15 minutes of sleep to recover from the busy week, you’ll feel more energized if you spend it working out. Get up a few minutes earlier to sneak in a few yoga poses, a jog, or some calisthenics.

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