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Skinny Swaps for Summer Treats

By Staci Amend

Summer means warmer weather, lighter clothing—and a brimming basket full of seasonal temptations. If there’s any season in which we really want to keep our weight loss journey on track, it’s this one. So your friends at Jenny Craig have put together this handy list of ways to embrace the cool, crispy and fresh flavors of summer without derailing all your hard work. Read on, and enjoy!

Summer treat: Salt-Rimmed Margarita
Skinny swap: Easy Skinny Margarita
Did you know: a 10-ounce margarita can have more than 500 calories? That’s a lot of caloric currency to spend on a few sips. Mimic the flavors of margarita mix with fresh-squeezed lime juice, club soda, a packet of stevia and a pinch of salt, on the rocks!

Summer treat: Key Lime Pie
Skinny swap:Jenny Craig’s Key Lime Pie
Another “light” summer treat that weighs in at 500+ calories: key lime pie. Get all the creamy classic flavors with our cool, delicious and 100% guilt-free version, which has just 150 calories and a skinny 4 grams of fat.

Summer treat: Ice Cream Sundae
Skinny swap:Strawberry Banana Split
Nothing tops off a summer BBQ like the flavors of your favorite sundae. That’s why we created our own take on this summer must—and at just over 100 calories, you may want to work it into your menu all year long!

Summer treat: Ice Cream Sandwich
Skinny swap:Ice Cream Sandwich Featuring Jenny Craig Chocolate Walnut Brownie
There’s just something timeless about this pairing: soft, chewy chocolate cake and cool vanilla ice cream. Take your summer dessert to the next level with reduced-fat vanilla ice cream and sugar-free raspberry jam. YUM!

Summer treat: Farmer’s Market Kettle Corn
Skinny swap:Jenny Craig Kettle Corn
You’re cruising the aisles, selecting fresh fruits and veggies in the shade of your kicky straw hat. You’ve also unconsciously eaten four cups of kettle corn, to the tune of 500+ calories. Next time, save yourself—bring your own.

Summer treat: Homemade Ice Cream
Skinny swap:Jenny Craig Dream Shake
You know it’s summer when the ice cream maker comes out of storage! Try this one warm weekend: put your Jenny Craig Chocolate Dream or Vanilla Cream shake through this contraption for 100 calories of delicious, nutritious summer bliss.

Summer treat: Apple Pie a La Mode
Skinny swap:Sautéed Apple Rings
This super-easy, low-calorie recipe is a shoe-in for your summer menus. Add a dollop of fat-free whipped topping… you can even enjoy it cold the next day. Or, try the Jenny Craig Apple Crisp - with the same flavors as classic apple pie, you won’t even miss the real deal.

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