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Simple Ways to Savor your Jenny Craig Food

By Ali Struhs

From the moment we wake up, our agenda takes us from here to there, school to work, soccer practice to the gym, and by the end of the day, we’ve consumed many of our meals while on the go. Taking the time to savor and enjoy your food can help with satiety, promote healthy eating habits, and help you reconnect with family. By slowing down at mealtime, you allow your brain to catch up with your stomach, telling you when you’re full. Most likely, you’ll end up tasting and appreciating each bite. Here are a few simple ways to savor your Jenny Craig menu.

Add some spice
Feeling like your food is getting a little bland? Are you tired of eating the same five dinners each week? Spice it up, whether that means changing up your habitual go-to lunch and dinner meals or actually adding some new herbs and spices. For example, look for ways to incorporate cilantro, basil, rosemary, or thyme into your weekly menu. In replacement of salt, many of these herbs have their own nutritional benefits.

Light a candle
Slow down at the end of your day. During dinner, dim the lights, warm up your food, and light a candle. Center a bouquet of fresh flowers and a few glowing candles. Create a relaxing and special atmosphere for your meal with your family, even if it’s just a Monday night.

Use real servingware
Take time to set the table with your favorite tableware, napkins, and glasses. Serving your Jenny Craig entree on a real plate can help you visualize the proper portion sizes that you should be eating after your program is complete. Eating on the same plates as your family can also help you feel less “left out” at mealtime.

Focus on your food (and family)
Sit together as a family at the dinner table, away from laptops, smartphones, and TVs. Turn the ringer down on your phone and don’t answer any text messages. If you’re going to miss your favorite show, be sure to set the recorder and watch it later. Respond to emails in the morning. Studies suggest distracted eating leads to consuming more calories at the meal and throughout the day, so focus on your food and your family and you’ll learn to savor each bite.

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