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Set Yourself Up For Weight Loss Success

By Staci Amend

There’s no way around it: losing weight requires discipline. In order to stick with your Jenny Craig commitment, you’ll likely need to shift your thinking and make some lifestyle changes. But here’s the part you may NOT know: these adjustments need not be massive paradigm shifts! Experts agree that making a series of small, committed lifestyle changes can have a dramatic effect on lifelong habits. Here are a few ways planning ahead and making tiny tweaks can help you set yourself up for success—no matter where your day takes you.

Plan your week in advance.
You were doing so well last week—and then you had three consecutive nights of client meetings/soccer practice/unexpected kitchen renovations. So you made do with what was around… and the numbers on your scale went up instead of down. This kind of thing can’t be avoided—or can it? Next week, carve out an hour to consider the week ahead, BEFORE you do your grocery shopping. Mark any challenges, like a team pizza party or business luncheon, on your calendar so you can be prepared. Then stock up on lots of Jenny Craig-approved foods.

Make anti-cheat snack packs.
Once you have a plan for the week, set aside 30 minutes or so to prepare a week’s worth of “anti-cheat snack packs.” Put sliced carrots, red peppers and jicama in a baggie with a packet of Jenny Craig's Ranch Dressing. Make a week’s worth of free-food sides, and pack them in single-serving containers. Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite Jenny Craig snacks—and make sure you have a stash at work or in your school locker for emergencies.

Keep a shelf-stable stash.
No matter how carefully you plan, the universe will always let you know who’s in charge. So it’s always wise to keep a stash of shelf-stable meals and snacks at work or school to help you stay on track when fate is just NOT cooperating. From our sweetly satisfying Anytime Bars to healthy soups or crunchy treats (hello, Cheese Curls!) it’s good to have a backup plan that doesn’t involve a visit to the vending machine.

Know that presentation counts.
Every foodie knows that beautiful presentation is an important part of the dining experience—so why not apply these principles to your Jenny Craig weight loss journey? If you’re dining at home, enjoying your entrées on an actual plate, experimenting with fresh, colorful vegetables and using nice silverware can dramatically enhance your dining experience AND boost your satisfaction. Plus, you’ll get an idea of what a healthy portion looks like on a real dinner plate.

Make your goals clear to all.
Finally—but perhaps most importantly—make sure the people you spend your time with support you in your weight loss journey! You don’t need to put a notice on the office refrigerator or the school lunchroom, but do let your close companions know what you’re up to, and how they can help. This will make friends and co-workers less likely to make suggestions that might encourage you to stray off-track. Good luck… you got this!

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