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Sensible Snack Planning

Many of the snacks on grocery shelves today have added fat or sugar. You can still enjoy these foods by watching your portion sizes and balancing your choices with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. But what if you are hungry and want larger portions? Did you know you can enjoy larger quantities with the same calories by making wiser choices?

Choose lower-fat, lower-sugar, higher-fiber and/or higher-water snack foods. This will increase the amount of food you can eat for the same number of calories. For example:

  • Eat 1 whole cup of grapes instead of ¼ cup of raisins for 100 calories. The water content of the grapes dilutes the calories, giving you more bang for your buck. Try them frozen -- they’ll last even longer.
  • Craving ice cream? You can either have ¼ of cup regular ice cream or the larger ½ cup size if you choose light ice cream.
  • Check food labels. Some fat-free or low-fat food items could contain added sugars and calories to take the place of fat.
  • Need specific healthy snack ideas? Here are delicious and nutritious snacks with 110-160 calories or less.

  • 1 oz. low-fat cheese and 2 sun-dried tomatoes on 4 crackers
  • 1 container sugar-free pudding with 1 Tbl slivered almonds
  • Strawberry cheesecake bites: Spread 1 Tbl low-fat cream cheese on each of 2 graham crackers; top each with 4 sliced strawberries
  • ⅓ cup hummus with 1 cup non-starchy veggies
  • Turkey wrap: Spread 2 tsp honey mustard on 3 thin slices turkey, top with 1 slice low-fat cheese, and then wrap in lettuce
  • Spread 1 Tbl peanut butter on celery sticks and top with 1 Tbl dried cranberries
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