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Say ‘I Do’ to This Wedding Dress Workout

By Staci Amend
March 9, 2015

Jenny Craig is pretty popular with the bride-to-be set—but you need not be tying the knot to work towards a trim torso and toned upper body. Whether you’ll be saying vows, donning a strapless bridesmaid dress or just want to look great as a guest, it’s time to put on your favorite sweaty-girl playlist, grab your dumbbells and put these five easy moves on repeat. If you’re new to free weights, start with 3-lb bells; if you already have a regular arm regimen, consider using 5-8-lb weights.

1. Dumbbell T-Raises / Shoulders and Triceps
Stand with your feet at hip-width distance and hold dumbbells at your sides. Keeping your arms straight (but not locked), raise your arms straight out and up to shoulder height, so that your body makes a T-shape. Return them to your sides, activating your shoulders and triceps to control the descent. Do two sets of 10.

2. Tricep Tucks / Triceps and Upper Back
Start with your feet at hip-width distance. Keeping a flat back and a slight bend in the knee, fold at the waist with a flat back until your torso and legs are at a 45-degree angle. Grasp your dumbbells with your arms bent at a 45-degree angle, and straighten your arms up and back to make a “hood ornament” shape. Do two sets of 10.

3. Side Plank / Arms, Shoulders, Back, Core
Starting in plank position (the top of a push-up), roll to your right side and support your body with your elbow. Your palm should be face down. Stack your feet on top of one another and create a straight line from the crown of your head to your feet. Try not to let your hips drop. Hold for 30 seconds to one minute; repeat on other side.

4. Bicep Curl / Biceps, Forearms
Stand with your feet at hip-width distance and hold dumbbells at your sides with your thumbs facing outward. Slowly bend both arms, lifting dumbbells until they are at shoulder-level. Return your arms to the starting position and do two sets of 20. To increase intensity, slow your lift and return to a count of five seconds each.

5. Dumbbell Row / Triceps, Shoulders, Back, Chest
Stand with your feet at hip-width distance and hold dumbbells together in front of your hips, with your knuckles facing forward. Keeping the inward-facing sides of the weights touching and your elbows facing outward, sweep the weights upward, gently grazing your belly, until they reach your sternum. Do two sets of 20.

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