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Relationship Tips for Your New Healthy Lifestyle

By Ali Struhs

You’ve finally made the decision to kick bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle to curb, but you’re not so sure if your spouse is ready to join in on your weight loss journey. Whether you have already joined Jenny Craig or you are considering making the leap to join the program, there are ways for you and your spouse to adapt and benefit from a few healthy changes, so you can stay committed to your weight loss goals. Here are five relationship tips for your new healthy lifestyle.

Make it a date
What does your typical date night look like? If it consists of going out to dinner, seeing a movie and chowing down on a bucket of buttery popcorn, it might be time to change your Friday night plans. Spice up your romance and think of creative, active date ideas that get you and your spouse moving or eating healthier. Try ice skating or skiing, cooking a new recipe with your favorite vegetables, or going for a walk together in the park.

Join Jenny Craig together
Is your significant other needing to make a healthy change to their lifestyle, too? Suggest joining Jenny Craig with you, so you both will benefit. It’s much easier to eat healthier if you have a partner who is also invested in seeing results. Plus, with your built-in cheerleader, you can celebrate together as you both hit your goals!

Keep meal prep separate
It’s pizza night, but devouring slices of a cheesy pizza pie delivered to your door could seriously derail your diet. Rather than falling to temptation, keep your meal prep separate. There are many comparable options to choose from on the Jenny Craig menu, so you don’t feel left out when your spouse would like to eat enchiladas, fettuccine alfredo, or a hamburger. You can eat our versions, instead!

Ask your consultant
With Jenny Craig, you have access to a personal consultant who helps support and manage your weight loss plan. During a one-on-one meeting, your consultant not only provides encouragement, but can also help you overcome challenges during your weight loss journey. If you are having difficulty incorporating your spouse in your new, healthier lifestyle, ask your consultant for tips and ideas. They will help guide you, so you can stay focused on your goal.

Respect each other
Even if your loved one chooses not to join Jenny Craig, it’s important your partner respects your new lifestyle. Ask them to support and cheer you on during your weight loss journey by keeping junk food out of the house or by providing an hour of childcare after work so you can hit the gym.

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