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Recipe Roundup: Go Greek!

By Staci Amend
December 17, 2014

Maybe it’s the balmy breezes and cobalt seas, but absolutely everything seems to taste amazing in Greece. What’s more, many traditional Mediterranean-style recipes combine lean meats, healthy fiber and “good” fats—making them not only delicious, but Jenny Craig-approved! We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite Greek-inspired recipes from the Jenny Craig Online Recipe Library, along with a couple of creative ways to “Greek out” with Jenny Craig Cuisine. As they say in Greece, kalí óreksi (bon appètit)!

Jazz up your Jenny Craig Cuisine
The Greek Burger featuring Jenny Craig Beef & Cheese Slider
With just a few easy additions—namely, a simple-yet-flavorful low-fat yogurt sauce—you can transform simple sliders into mini Greek burgers. These tasty add-ons also work well if you’re making sliders from scratch… the perfect party food!

Greek Salad Dressing featuring Jenny Craig Ranch Dressing:
A Jenny Craig Cuisine favorite, made even more delicious! Yogurt and diced veggies add zest to our low-fat dressing base. It’s delicious over our Greek Spinach Salad recipe; swapping spinach for less nutritious greens is always a smart choice.

Go Mediterranean from scratch
Fresh Lemon Hummus
This is easy enough to pick up at the local supermarket, but SO much healthier to make at home. Many store brands contain sugar, sodium and other unnecessary ingredients, so why not make your own? Use carrots and red peppers to dip for a healthy snack that’s a good source of protein, fiber and iron.

Mediterranean Lentil Salad with Toasted Almonds
With only 10 minutes of prep and 40 minutes of cooking, you can prepare four servings of this tasty side dish. Almonds and yogurt provide healthy sources of protein, while lentils, spinach and bulgur give this dish a healthy dose of fiber for strong digestion.

Greek Salad
This would be the perfect side dish to accompany any Jenny Craig entree for lunch or dinner. Fresh vegetables, like cucumbers and tomatoes, add a healthy crunch to this traditional, healthy salad.

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