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Recipe Roundup: Football Season Faves

By Staci Amend
September 10, 2014

Football season could derail your healthy eating goals—but with Jenny Craig on your side, you’ve always got a long list of delicious, guilt-free choices on your proverbial (and literal) plate. At your next tailgate party, prove you’ve got healthy-eating “game” with these fall favorites and consultant-approved recipes.

From our kitchen
If you’re in the early days of your Jenny Craig weight loss program or simply want to keep things ultra-easy, just bring your entrée or snack along to your party, tailgate or game. If you’re feeling weird, you can always take our food out of the packaging beforehand. Nobody will be the wiser.

A few meals can be cooked in advance and put into a thermos or wrapped in foil: Macaroni & Cheese (put the green beans on top!), Turkey Chili, Three Cheese Ziti Marinara and our Stuffed Pizza Bites. Defrost your Turkey Burger or Beef and Cheese Slider in advance, then throw it on the grill with the hot dogs and hamburgers. Or choose the ultimate grab-and-go meal: our Chicken Salad Kit. And of course, it will be so much easier to avoid the potato chips if you’ve got smarter alternative on hand. On game day, don’t leave home without your Cheese Curls or Black Bean Taco Chips to keep the munchies at bay.

From your kitchen
A few minutes of advance prep can make pre-game festivities healthier AND more enjoyable for you. Make a batch of our Chicken and Bean Burritos in advance, and share them with other partygoers—they won’t even know they’re eating healthy! Likewise with our Southwestern Corn Muffins, which can also double as a savory bun for homemade chicken or turkey sliders. Another way to make your burger healthier AND more delicious: our Mexican Chili Cheese Burger recipe. Simply prepare it in advance, and grill it onsite the way you would any burger.

Super (healthy) sides
Want to guarantee you’ll be able to steer clear of your college roommate’s cheesy artichoke dip? Bring along something just as tasty from our approved recipe database! Our Fresh Lemon Hummus only takes about five minutes to make, and it’s under 100 calories per serving. Our zesty Greek Salad can help you indulge your salty-snack craving, and it’s extra refreshing on a hot day. And, speaking of Greek—substitute a tub of fat-free Greek yogurt for sour cream, and your favorite pre-packaged dip will get a total makeover! Idea: use a mixture of red and yellow peppers to dip—good for you and festive, too!

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