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Real Members Share why they Picked Jenny Craig

By Tracy Robert

We know your choices for weight loss plans are vast. If you’ve ever wondered why REAL members picked Jenny Craig over another program, read below!

1. The easy layout of the planned menus and the customizable menus were perfect. There are so many methods and theories. Jenny Craig broke things down so simply and gave it to you in a great packet.

2. Having planned menus and prepared foods was huge to me. Knowing I would get "assigned" food and have it shipped to me helped me stay on track.

3. I think the best feature of the Jenny Craig diet is the structure - you come on as a new client really needing support and guidance on how to eat. This is exactly what you get, and it's all planned for you by expert nutritionists who keep up with the latest nutrition and weight loss guidelines.

4. I've done this program several times before, and I know it works and it's easy to follow. It only ever stopped working when I did.

5. I didn't want to be counting points or any other nonsense. The meals are prepared for you, no thinking, no weighing, portion controlled. Oh, and delicious. Little did I know I would actually learn so much more. Like, how to read labels and what they actually mean. What the appropriate amounts of the different food groups I should be eating. How to keep my metabolism going by eating every couple of hours.

6. I picked Jenny Craig after trying several plans. All the other plans I've tried required me to focus so much on shopping and food and cooking. It was really hard trying to deal with all that AND be creative so I wouldn't get bored. With Jenny Craig, I get variety and only have to pick up veggies, fruit and yogurt. It can't get much easier!! I'm loving it!

7. I love the food and knowing the food is good for me I am happy about!

8. I have tried various other diets as well as Jenny Craig, trying to lose the same 50lbs. Jenny Craig is the only diet I have had success. Just knowing that I have all of my prepared Jenny Craig meals ready to go, makes my life so much easier. No cooking, measuring, counting points.

9. There are so many food options on this program to choose from. I never feel like I am missing out. I am a Jenny Craig fan for life!

10. Really don't feel like I'm on a "diet" as am eating most of the foods I enjoy. (in fact trying not to think of this as a diet but lifestyle and taking it steadily day by day)

11. I get to have dessert!!

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