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Prevent Workout Boredom, Plateaus on a Circuit

By Ali Struhs
August 21, 2014

Have you reached that point where you’re bored during your workout? The clock at the gym seems to be ticking far too slowly, or the scenery on your walking trail is looking far too familiar. It may be time to change up your daily jog and start adding circuit machine training to your workout routine. Circuit machines can help prevent boredom and plateaus in your workout so you can keep your weight loss motivation high.

Circuit machines aid weight loss
If you have noticed you’re not getting the same results from your workout as when you first began, it’s time to try the circuit machines at a gym. Circuit training targets and tones your muscles by using resistance training with an appropriate amount of weight and lots of repetition in short sprints. You’ll switch between machines to quickly target different muscle groups. Going from station-to-station in timed increments increases your heart rate, so you can get in some cardio training, too. By combining weight training with cardio, circuit machines can maximize your metabolism for weight loss.

Mix it up
Circuit training allows for you to try various machines in a different order each time you hit the gym. You’ll also find that you don’t have a chance to get bored as you switch between each machine. Go from upper body to lower body to your core and alternate cardio in between. You can get an effective workout in only 30 minutes if you do it properly.

Focus on your whole body
Some workouts only target parts of your body, meaning you’ll have to do more to achieve the same results. Instead of having a leg day, an arm day, and a cardio day, circuit machines provide a workout for your whole body. Repeating intervals of each machine will target each muscle group in just one workout session. You’ll leave the gym feeling like you got a complete workout every time.

Increase intensity
As a beginner, start with low intensity effort and movement. Then, as you notice yourself progress or begin to plateau, push harder for a higher intensity workout. Add more repetitions, faster reps, or additional cardio to the routine.

Try adding circuit training to your weight loss program for benefits beyond the scale!

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