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Practice Moderation So You Can Enjoy a Treat

Instead of thinking of your favorite foods as bad for you, think of them as things to enjoy in moderation. You can eat your favorite foods in moderation and still lose weight by planning your meals, tracking your calories and activity, and practicing portion control. Consider these tips for managing portions and creating a healthy relationship with food:

1. Take a look at the nutrition label on your favorite packaged foods. Many packaged foods contain more than one serving of your favorite treat. Instead of eating the entire package, measure out the amount listed on the box or bag (e.g., 7 chips, 12 crackers, 1 bar), and save the rest for another time.

2. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit for snacks. Enjoy at least 2 servings per day, including one that’s rich in vitamin C.

3. Choose lower-fat, protein-rich foods like lean beef, chicken, fish and pork. Try meatless proteins like dried beans, tofu, egg and soy products as well.

4. Enjoy the pleasure of eating. Make specific, conscious choices and take the time to taste them. A little taste can go a long way, simply by slowing down to enjoy it.

5. Use your planner and tracker to manage portion control and moderation. Refer to your Jenny’s Grocery List for food exchange information and serving sizes. Use the meals on your own planning information to make good choices for dining out, cooking at home or attending a special event.

Instead of depriving yourself of all your favorite treats, build your meal plan to allow them in moderation, or find healthier alternatives that are just as satisfying.