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Play with Your Jenny’s Cuisine®!

You’ve always been taught not to play with your food. But at Jenny if you’re bored with your menu or craving some variety, we encourage it! Spice things up by playing with your Jenny foods! Add fresh herbs, exotic spices, seasonal vegetables and other flavorful ingredients to enhance your Jenny’s Cuisine®. You can satisfy your hunger and indulge your inner chef by finding inventive ways to enjoy healthy foods.

Boredom happens. Even with all the tasty Jenny’s Cuisine options out there--sometimes you just want to try something new. Try your hand at one of the many delicious recipes you can make with Jenny’s Cuisine.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Load up your meals with vegetables.

● Add slices of bell pepper and squash to your Jenny’s Cuisine pasta dishes.

● Top a Jenny’s Cuisine omelet or skillet with diced tomatoes and onions.

● Mix-in diced cucumber and celery to your Jenny salad kits.

● Create a custom Jenny’s Cuisine burger or slider by adding red onion, avocado or lettuce.

● Load up a sandwich with slices of grilled mushroom and onion.

Add fresh, seasonal fruits to dishes.

● Top off your Jenny’s Cuisine pancakes or French toast with fresh berries and cinnamon.

● Add half of a small banana and a dollop of fat-free whipped topping to your Jenny’s Cuisine brownie or cake.

● Turn a Jenny cereal into a parfait by layering it with nonfat vanilla yogurt and chopped up peaches.

● Create a custom Jenny’s Cuisine cheesecake by adding a nonfat whipped topping and fresh raspberries or strawberries.

Flavor up your meals with herbs and exotic spices.

● Turn a Jenny’s Cuisine burger or sandwich into a Greek-inspired dish by adding garlic, fat-free plain yogurt, cucumber slices and onion.

● Add ginger, light coconut milk, fresh basil, lime and hot chili flakes to Jenny’s chowder to create a Thai-style meal.

● Go Tex-mex with your entrees by adding spicy tomato salsa, jalapeno pepper and avocado.

Creative recipes are designed to work with your Jenny foods and weight loss plan.

They are perfect for Jenny members who want to add variety to their menus without packing on calories--or spending hours in the kitchen.

You can lose weight and still have fun with your plate. Play with your Jenny’s Cuisine® to make the most of your meals. You can add volume and prevent food boredom by spicing up your meal with a few creative tips. Bon appetit!