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Plan an Active 3-day Family Staycation

By Ali Struhs
February 12, 2015

Is your family in need of a vacation, but, because of time or money, just can’t get away? Take an extra-long weekend and plan a staycation that keeps your family moving and away from the TV. Active getaways are especially important for those on weight loss programs! Whether you choose to spend the day in the mountains or at the zoo, here are five ideas to help you plan an active 3-day family staycation.

Spend the day at a park
Plan to spend an entire day at a local park. Pack a healthy picnic that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, plus your Jenny Craig snacks. Play family-friendly activities like cornhole, volleyball, sledding, or snowball fights, or get creative and set up a scavenger hunt in the park. Print lists of fun things to find throughout the park and reward the winner with a prize.

Hike local trails
Find local hiking or snowshoeing trails that are easy enough for the family. Whether you drive to the mountains or foothills, your family will enjoy a day exploring nature and getting fresh air. Encourage your kids to look for interesting rocks or insects to keep them occupied, while you enjoy the scenery. Bring trail mix, water and sunscreen to keep your family energized on the trail.

Go for a swim
If your staycation includes a night at a nearby hotel, this is the perfect place to splash around! The local indoor pool may be an easier option, so pack beach towels, swim noodles, and goggles for an afternoon swimming with friends and family. For a more adventurous option, an indoor or outdoor water park provides an entire day of screaming fun as you rip down waterslides and float the lazy river.

Visit the zoo and play mini golf
Is one of your kids an animal lover? Take the family to the zoo where you can spend the afternoon walking the paths between the many exotic animal exhibits. Take lots of pictures of your group gawking at the polar bears, seals, and penguins. Finish the evening putting around at a miniature golf course. How many steps can you get in one day? Try to hit 10,000 with the help of a fitness tracker.

Host an indoor field day
If the weather isn’t cooperating, don’t just spend the day watching movies or playing video games. Plan several active indoor challenges and host a family field day. Who can do the most push-ups in 60 seconds? Or, you can create an obstacle course in your living room. Reward family members with homemade medals and perform a medal ceremony, complete with a playing of the national anthem.

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