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Our 13 Most-Popular Fruit and Veggie Recipes

By Staci Amend

With summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to start supplementing your Jenny Craig foods with fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables. Our online Recipe Library is chock full of healthy, easy-to-make options, and we’ve included our most popular favorites here—along with our recommended Jenny Craig menu pairings. If you can get your produce at a local farmer's market (and get a little bit of al fresco exercise in the process), even better!

1. This just might be the perfect summer salad: Balsamic Tomato Caprese featuring Jenny Craig Balsamic Dressing. Our lighter take on the traditional caprese features meaty heirloom and sweet grape tomatoes, fresh basil and herbs and just a bit of nutty Parmesan cheese. It pairs well with any Italian-inspired Jenny Craig dish, but we love it with our Rotini Pasta & Meat Sauce or Chicken Carbonara.

2. Looking for a summery salad that stands on its own? Our Vegetable-Rice Salad In Tomato Cups is brimming with zesty flavors; have one as a side dish with your favorite menu item, or two as a light, warm-weather meal.

3. At only 46 calories per serving and ready in less than five minutes, our Easy Teriyaki Broccoli is also fat free and high in fiber. Use it to supplement the broccoli in our Beef Chow Mein or as the perfect wingman to the mild, sweet flavors of our Kung Pao Beef.

4. and 5. Also ultra-easy and really good for you: Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Soup and Tuscan-Style Soup. Both are great on their own or as supporting players for lighter meals like our Chicken Salad Kit or Baja-Style Chicken Quesadilla.

6. Looking for a side that’s hearty, but still healthy? Our low-calorie Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Baby Carrots is flavored with honey, mustard and orange rind for a unique twist that’s just amazing with our Classic Lasagna with Meat Sauce or Chicken Fettuccine.

7. Staci’s Roasted Sweet Potatoes can make our Turkey & Wild Rice feel like Thanksgiving dinner.

8. On the lighter side of summer veggies, try our 59-calories-per-serving Lemon-Herb Green Beans—it’s wonderful with a rich meal like our Swedish Meatballs.

9. Want something easy that’s tasty hot OR cold? Our aromatic Garlic Roasted Vegetables can serve as a side dish for entrees like our Chicken Burrito or Cheese Ravioli, then perhaps even pull double duty the next day as a chilled topper for a lunchtime entrée salad.

10. and 11. It’s easy to elevate ANY chicken dish with these two simple, flavorful Greek sides: Mediterranean Asparagus and Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash.

12. If you’ve got a sweet tooth—and who doesn’t, from time to time—Jenny Craig has you covered! Start your day with a Cherry Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie, or have a smaller serving as an afternoon pick-me-up.

13. If you’re looking for a special treat (or an everyday healthy dessert), our Strawberry Banana Splits have the festive vibe of your favorite ice cream parlor indulgence, without the calories or fat. Go ahead… dig in!

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