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“Must Haves” for Meal Planning

The Jenny menus provide healthy and balanced nutrition with controlled portions and calories. Following your Jenny Craig menu is a key contributor to your weight loss success. Occasionally you'll want or need to dine out or prepare a special meal. We did the work for you and created a way for you to be flexible with your meals while keeping your calories in check. Create a plan in advance with your consultant, and refer to the flexible meal planning section in the Real Life Real Solutions Guide for the food exchange and/or calorie guidance. Following the flexible meal planning structure will help support you with continued weight loss. Here are a few simple tips for success:

Use the Meal On Your Own Guide for only one meal or one meal and snack per day
If you wish to enjoy two or more meals or a larger "special occasion" meal, use the Halfway & Beyond Menu Planner. This will allow you to move foods around in your day more easily, giving you more flexibility when you need it the most.

Don’t forget the fruits, vegetables and milks!
To ensure nutritional balance, make sure to include the fruit, vegetable and/or milk servings as indicated in the Meal On Your Own Guide. Remember, non-starchy veggies are Free Foods meaning you can add as much and as often as you wish.

Budget calories
Budget your calories. If you know you’re going to be dining out, eat lighter meals the rest of the day. Don’t skip meals because you may become overly hungry and overeat later.

Learn the “best choices”
Learn the “best choices” by using the Mastering Dining Out resource to become a pro at successfully fitting in your favorite restaurant foods into your menu plan.

When planning your menus and meals on your own, it’s okay to be a little over or a little under in your exchanges as long as it balances out throughout the week. Keep in mind, calories as well as nutritional balance play a big role in satisfaction and weight loss success.