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Must-Have Winter Workout Gear

By Sabah Karimi

Yes, it’s cold outside, and yes, you still have to take the dog on a chilly walk and then head to a circuit training session indoors (even if a cozy blanket on your sofa is calling your name). Rather than lose motivation this season because of freezing temperatures and bitter wind, make sure you’re well-prepared for your winter workout routine with must-have gear. Jenny Craig recommends moderate exercise for 30 minutes, 5 times per week. And with the right type of clothing, you can still get outdoors to stay in shape this season. Protected from injury and the harsh elements, there’s no excuse for skipping a workout during freezing weather. Here are six workout essentials you’ll need this winter.

1. Weather-resistant jacket
A weather-appropriate jacket is essential when leaving the gym on a cold winter day. Zip yourself up in a wind-resistant and waterproof jacket so you can keep the cold and rain far from your skin. These are perfect for those harsher winter days and can prevent your clothing from becoming soggy or damp.

2. Plush headband
Keep your hair out of your face and your ears nice and toasty with a plush headband. Make sure it's wide enough to wrap around most of your head and also covers your ears. You can wear these under or over a tight hat for another layer of protection.

3. Fleece-lined pants
One of the best investments you can make for your winter workout wardrobe is a good pair of fleece-lined pants. Workout pants with a cozy fleece lining will trap in the heat and keep your legs nice and toasty in those chilly temperatures. If you're going to be outside for longer than an hour, consider layering with a pair of thermal pants. These are perfect for a few laps around the skating rink!

4. Moisture-wicking tops
A short-sleeved top or tank made with moisture-wicking materials is perfect as a layer under a lightweight sweatshirt or zip-up hoodie. You can also layer these pieces with a long-sleeve moisture-wicking top for an extra layer of comfort and protection. These pieces of clothing will stick to your body so you'll find it easy to move around.

5. Sunscreen-infused lip balm
Don't let your lips suffer from the harsh winter temperatures this season. Moisturize and protect your lips with a high-quality lip balm infused with sunscreen. You need a thick layer of emollients and sunscreen to ward off sun damage and dry, flaky lips this season.

6. Weather-resistant footwear
Whether you're trekking through snow with the dog or your family, or just making your way across a slick parking lot outside the gym, make sure you're not setting yourself up for an accident with the wrong type of footwear. Invest in some lightweight boots or workout shoes with good traction so you don't end up slipping and sliding yourself to the ER!

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