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Move Even More!

You’re doing it! You’re regularly active most days of the week. Way to go! This level of physical activity is doing good things for your waistline, health and wellness. So, you may be wondering, Where do I go from here? It all depends on your weight and fitness goals.

Keep the weight off

If your goal is to maintain your weight after you’ve lost it, your new goal may be to build up to 60 minutes of at least moderate-intensity activity on most days of the week. That’s right -- for weight maintenance, more activity is better. Research by the National Weight Control Registry found, in a study of 3,600 individuals who kept off at least 30 pounds for more than one year, the average weekly activity level was about an hour per day.¹

The great news is, these active individuals didn’t exercise daily to exhaustion. They wove activity into their days with a mix of natural activity and cardio (mainly from walking) and many made resistance training a habit as well. If you are tracking your activity through steps, push a little harder and set a new goal of 12,000-15,000 steps per day. Keep in mind that every individual will require different amounts of activity for weight maintenance, and diet plays a key role as well.

Health benefits

Increasing your physical activity beyond what you’re currently doing can deliver greater health benefits! Most studies on physical activity and health show that the more activity you do, the more benefits you’ll get. Who doesn’t want a sharper mind, healthier bones, lower risk of many chronic diseases and improved muscle tone -- just to name a few?!

Physical fitness

Have you ever pictured yourself completing a half marathon, hiking the Grand Canyon or rafting down a river? Moving more can mean training for a particular activity or getting your body in shape for a certain adventure. It can also mean mixing things up and challenging your body in different ways -- trying new activities and pushing yourself a little harder. You can do more; just set small weekly goals to progress toward the bigger challenge.

Be proud -- you’re living an active life! But don’t stop there. Now is the perfect time to push a little harder, set some new goals and renew your commitment to living an active life. Doing so will help you maintain your lost weight, improve your health and be more fit.

1. Catenacci VA, Ogden LG, Stuht J, et al. Obesity. 2008;16:153-61.