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Managing Your Weight During the Holiday Season

By Ali Struhs
November 6, 2014

The hustle and bustle, sugary treats, parties, and colder weather of the holidays can easily threaten the number on the scale. Instead of giving yourself a pass this holiday season and consuming each frosted cookie in sight, you can learn to manage your weight and stay on track to a healthier lifestyle. Here are five helpful tips:

Sign up with Jenny Craig
You might be thinking, “how can I lose weight during the holidays?” Signing up with Jenny Craig offers personalized support from a one-on-one consultant, a variety of foods to help you lose weight, and online tools and resources to manage your progress. The Jenny Craig weight loss program offers consistent, weekly weight-loss success and offers a weight-loss guarantee.

Get advice
After signing up with Jenny Craig, you’ll be meeting one-on-one with a consultant who can offer advice, meal plans, and exercises suitable to manage your weight during the holidays. Their support will help you achieve your goals as you work together as a team. Write down your questions to ask each week, including how to handle holiday parties or certain meals.

Keep a food diary
It can be easy to lose track of an extra candy cane or cookie throughout the day. To avoid the pitfalls of overeating during the holidays, keep a food diary to help manage your weight. Write down everything you eat and keep record of the calories consumed. Reign in any overeating and watch your portions. The Jenny Craig app is a useful tool that can help you keep track on the go.

Stay active
Whether you spend 30 minutes at the gym or go on a Saturday snowshoeing trip with your family, be sure to find time to stay active. Even walking the mall while shopping for holiday gifts can be great exercise. As tempting as it is to wrap yourself in a blanket and watch TV all night, avoid becoming a couch potato and do some easy cardio moves while watching holiday television specials if you skipped a formal workout.

Choose one indulgence
The holiday season is filled with fun and festive traditions that often include food as a focal point. If you’re attending a party or a family gathering, it’s still possible to indulge, as long as you limit yourself to just one treat. A cup of hot chocolate after sledding with your kids can be made healthier with nonfat milk, or share just one of your mother’s cookies with your significant other instead of sampling one of each.

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