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Managing Food Offers and Options

Learn to Say ‘No’ to Food Offers and ‘Yes’ to Yourself

Maintaining a socialite status while on a diet can be a challenge, especially when food offers and dining invites pile up. Food offers may be extremely tempting for some, while others may worry about offending their friends and family by declining an offer or invite. Thankfully, there are ways to say ‘yes’ to social situations without sabotaging your diet plan and ways to say ‘no’ to food offers politely.

Weigh the Pros and Pros

Try weighing the pros and pros. What are your pros for accepting the food or beverage offer versus the pros of rejecting the offer.

Pros for accepting the food offer:

● I will please my host.

● I will enjoy the food.

● I will feel a part of the party.

Pros for rejecting the offer:

● I will keep my menu calories consistent.

● I will decrease my risk of overeating and be more likely to lose weight.

● I will feel proud that I followed my personal plan.

Consider your weight goals, which choice has more value for you?

Accept and practice moderation

Social situations don’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. Remember, moderation is key! It is perfectly okay to accept the host’s offer and request a small portion, or eat a small amount and leave the rest. It’s a win, win situation! Your host will be pleased that you are enjoying the food, and you will not have any feelings of deprivation. Use the opportunity to practice your mindful eating skills: control the portion and savor the flavor of every bite.

Politely decline

You may run into a variety of social situations that require you to make decisions about food. It’s okay to say “no” to an offer for food. In fact, when you practice saying “no” to others, you begin to say “yes” to yourself, and to the choices that serve your interests and take you closer to your goals.

Practice the PRP

Polite Response: “Thanks for offering, your cake looks delicious!”

Reason for Refusal: “Dinner was perfect, and I couldn’t manage another bite.”

Polite Invite for Support: “I’ll have to try that delicious looking cake next time.”

Learning to master food offers and options may take practice -- but you can do it! It’s important to say ‘yes’ to yourself sometimes too. If you’re working hard on your diet plan, don’t let social situations steer you away from your goals. You can have your cake and eat it too!