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Makeover Your Mindset

Have you ever failed at a diet? Do you think you’ll never lose the weight? Makeover your negative mindset and avoid being a weight pessimist. By reframing your thought process you may realize that you are in fact awesome and that you’re more successful than you think!

Reframe your thinking

This step may sound easy, but it is important for your self-esteem and diet success. If you didn’t lose the weight you wanted this week, don’t view it as a sign that your efforts were wasted or that the program is not working. Instead, focus on your progress and what is working.

Highlight accomplishments such as:

● You used your menu to make healthy choices.

● You took a 30-minute walk three times this week.

● You didn’t turn to food to manage your disappointment.

Disagree with yourself

We keep a constant dialogue with ourselves. This week, listen for your own negative self-talk. Take a moment to challenge it, and then practice being more positive with an affirmation.

Here are some examples:

Example 1:

Negative thought:

“My eating habits and my whole life are out of control.”

Positively reframed thought:

“One menu lapse does not make my whole life a disaster. I can make choices at my next meal to support my weight loss goals.”


“I am in control of my thoughts and actions.”

Example 2:

Negative thought:

“I didn’t go to the gym today, I am so lazy.”

Positively reframed thought:

“No, I didn’t work out today, I let other things get in the way. But I can learn to make physical activity a priority in my day.”


“Priorities are my touchstone to results.”

Focus on optimism

Do you tend to see life as a glass “half full,” with a strong belief in your ability to overcome challenges? Optimists do! They feel in control, believe they have the power to direct their lives and view bad events as isolated and temporary. If you tend to see your glass as “half empty,” take heart. Optimism can be learned, it just takes practice!

Don’t let a lapse spiral you into a negative thought process. Adopting an optimistic outlook can help you reach your goals and celebrate your success.