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Keep Exercising During Humid Summer Months

By Ali Struhs
August 10, 2014

Staying active during humid summer months can be daunting, especially when a cool drink and relaxing by the pool is more tempting than a jog around the park. By beating the humidity, staying hydrated, and wearing the right gear, you can keep up your motivation to lose weight and get fit, even when it’s humid. Here are six easy tips.

1. Start early
Beat the heat by getting in your workout before the sun gets too hot. A cool summer morning is the perfect time to walk or jog in the park. By getting your exercise done in the morning, you’ll also free up the rest of your day for other fun summer activities!

2. Hydrate
With temperatures soaring, be sure to stay hydrated by consuming plenty of fluids. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and during any daily exercise. Coconut water is a good option if your activity is prolonged and vigorous. Add water-rich foods like lettuce and fruit to your summer diet.

3. Take your workout inside
If it’s just simply too humid outside to exercise outdoors, take your workout inside to the gym or your living room. Pop in your favorite workout DVD or take a walk on the treadmill. You can do wall-sits, planks, or lift hand weights while watching your favorite morning news show, too.

4. Go to the pool
Take a dip at the pool to cool down and to swim laps. This low-impact exercise is an easy and fun way to fit in exercise during the summer. Just be sure to wear sunscreen! No pool nearby? Try a different summer activity, such as an easy bike ride or a friendly game of tennis with your spouse.

5. Listen to your body
You know yourself best, so be vigilant about listening to your body. Are you thirsty? Are you too hot? Pay close attention to whether or not you are getting tired quickly or are needing a sip of water. If you’re feeling drained, take a break and resume your workout later.

6. Wear the right gear
Having the right workout gear can make a huge difference. Wear light-colored, sweat-wicking clothes that will keep you cool. Of course, be sure to wear a layer of sunscreen, sport a pair of sunglasses, and glide on lip balm so your lips do not get chapped from the summer sun.

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