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It’s All About You! Enjoy Meals on Your Own

When you make a place for favorite foods in your weight loss program, you’re more likely to be successful. A “can’t-have-it” mindset is too rigid for most people to maintain, and it tends to backfire. So, how can you have a meal plan you love and still lose weight? Learn to incorporate your own foods into your weight loss menu.

Jenny provides a flexible meal planning option that allows you to fit your program into your real life.

● Personalize a menu that is a combination of your favorite Jenny Craig foods along with your own healthy food choices. You can design a menu that allows you to live your real life in whatever way you want, while still achieving and maintaining weight loss success.

● Plan it! Your own meals can be planned as individual meals or built for a full day.

● Achieve your weight loss goals by getting the flexibility you need to incorporate more meals on your own while still maintaining nutritional balance and your weight loss calorie level.

● Jenny has taken the guess work out for you. Meal ideas were created to show you specific examples of healthy meals for losing weight.

● Have fun and enjoy cooking or dining out. The possibilities are endless when you use the flexible meal planning structure.