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Is it Hunger or Emotion?

If you have struggled with emotional eating, you may have ‘tuned out’ the real signs of physical hunger. Recognizing true hunger from the feelings of false hunger during times of stress or high emotion can be the first step in managing your eating style and finding healthy alternatives toward your weight loss success.

First, think about your emotional triggers. The next time you find yourself eating when you are not hungry, stop to ask yourself what emotion you are feeling. These can be obvious, such as stress, anger, sadness or anxiety, but can also be not-so-obvious, such as when you are tired, restless or excited.

Now, identify what you really need to help you cope with that specific feeling:

If you feel: Perhaps you need to:
Tired, restless Take a nap
Enjoy a bubble bath
Listen to soothing music
Meditate or take deep breaths
Do a few stretches
Frustrated, misunderstood Call a friend
Write in your journal
Write a letter
Confront the situation
Sad, discouraged, lonely Meet a friend for coffee
Join a Jenny community forum
Call a family member you trust
Bored, angry, anxious Get outside for some fresh air
Dance to your favorite CD
Call a friend who will listen
Work on a hobby
Go on a quick walk

By dealing with your emotional triggers in productive ways, you will gradually lessen the habit of relying on food to assuage your feelings, and you may see a direct impact on your waistline!