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Hungry? Try a Healthy Fruit Smoothie!

For a quick meal on-the-go meal, try an easy-to-make, low calorie smoothie. It's a great breakfast option for the busy individual and can be a good pre/post workout snack. You can load up on protein, vitamins and essential minerals, depending on what tasty items you add to your drink! Just chop, blend and enjoy!

Fruit smoothies made with lowfat milk or lowfat yogurt and healthy ingredients may keep you full for longer. Especially if you add a few fiber-rich spinach leaves or half of a banana to your smoothie. Feel free to get creative with the healthy ingredients—you can even add cinnamon to sweeten your smoothie or ginger to spice it up.

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If you're indulging in a healthy smoothie post workout, adding protein-rich produce like an avocado can help your muscles recover. Other protein-rich add-ins include almonds, flaxseed, and kale. If these items don't sound tasty to you, in small amounts you can barely tell they're optimizing the health of your smoothie.

You may also want to consider making your smoothies as thick as possible—so that your body will think it's consuming more than it actually is. You can thicken your smoothie by using frozen fruits and veggies instead of fresh ones. Smoothies make a great meal or snack and may even help you reach your weight loss goals. Just be sure to use healthy ingredients, so that you're loading up on 'good for you' nutrients.

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