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How to Shop for Your Body Type

As you continue on the weight loss path, you’ve probably noticed that your clothes are fitting a little looser. Your hard work is paying off and it’s showing in your clothing size, so go ahead and get excited. The only downside is that now you have to shop—and then again, maybe that’s an upside! Here are some tips to help you shop for your fabulous new body, no matter what shape you may be.


This body type tends to carry weight in the middle. Even if you’ve ramped up your toning routine and lost impressive amounts of weight, your body is still structured the same way. So if you have a bigger midsection, don’t be discouraged. Your arms are sleek and strong. Your legs are stellar. So show them off!

Find blouses that are loose-fitting in the middle and bring attention upward. A great V-neck made of sheer material won’t hug your stomach, and the neckline will pull focus from your middle. Ruffle tops are also great, as long as you’re not too busty. To balance out the flow of your top, keep it more form-fitting on the bottom. A pair of straight-leg pants or skinny jeans will pull the look together. Add high heels, and you’ll be showing off those awesome calves.


A triangle body shape is defined by a narrow torso and wide hips. Your goal in picking out a wardrobe is to invert this triangle by implementing a few visual tricks. Avoid baggy or big tops, and don’t slim down your legs. A great wide-leg trouser will look great with a structured jacket that really plays up the shoulders.

Boat-neck tops work well for the same reason. The wide neckline visually lengthens your shoulders. A-line skirts slim the hips and show off your sculpted legs.


If you’re an hourglass shape, you’ve got a bust to balance your booty. With a small waist, you probably look amazing. However, if you don’t choose the right clothing, you might be throwing that all away. As you peruse the aisles, look for clothing that will flow with your natural shape.

By the same token, avoid anything that hides your curves. Leave boxy T-shirts, tunics and oversized boyfriend anything where you found them. Remember, this shopping trip is about you celebrating your weight loss. Own that body!


Many call this figure “boyish,” but a much better term is athletic. You are built to move, girl. But that means your torso and hips don’t go far beyond your waist. To show off your features, choose clothing with a structured, defined waist. A-line dresses and peplum tops have a waist seam that naturally pulls the eye inward.

Don’t go too tight or too baggy as either direction prevents you from defining your curves. Empire or elevated waistlines should be avoided as well. These looks will make your waist seem wider than it is, as it misplaces the waistline—which is supposed to be the smallest part of your torso. Boot-cut pants are great because they are slim at the hip and widen out slightly to give a sense of shapeliness. Fitted blazers and feminine tops will also do the trick.

With these choices added to your shopping list, your new wardrobe is sure to reflect all the hard work you’ve put into weight loss.