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How to Lose Weight on Jenny Craig with Work Travel

By Ali Struhs

Traveling for work can spell disaster for your diet. Happy hours and heavy dinners with coworkers, free snacks on flights, and changes to your workout routine are detrimental to your weight loss goals. But you don’t have to ditch your healthy lifestyle from home just because you’re on a business trip. Here’s how to lose weight on Jenny Craig while traveling for work.

Bring it with you
Jenny Craig offers several shelf-stable items that are travel-friendly. Load your suitcase with Jenny Craig cereals, bars, shakes, chicken or tuna salad kits, and popcorn. If hunger strikes, you’ll be less likely to grab a bag of potato chips and a soda if you have your Jenny Craig snacks with you.

Stick to a travel menu
If you wouldn’t eat it at home, don’t eat it while traveling. Stick to a travel menu. Aim to plan out your snacks and meals, while incorporating travel-friendly Jenny Craig dishes. For example, check out this 1200 calorie travel menu from Jenny Craig. It may be a great way to stay on track if it fits into your schedule.

Eat your veggies
It’s inevitable that you’ll have to join your coworkers for lunch or dinner. Rather than filling up on high-calorie appetizers and drinks while out at a restaurant, choose dishes from the menu that feature vegetables and lean protein. Fill up on plain salads and add Jenny Craig dressings, which are easily packable in your purse to avoid fattening restaurant dressing choices.

Stay hydrated
Drinking ample amounts of water can counteract fatigue and bloating from travel. Bring your large, reusable water bottle from home and drink up throughout the day. Avoid alcohol and caffeine while traveling so you don’t dehydrate your body, and if you have to go out with coworkers, order a club soda with a twist of lime.

Pack your workout clothes
Are you awake at an odd hour because of a time change on your trip? Put on your workout clothes that you packed in your suitcase and hit the hotel gym for a walk on the treadmill. Many hotels feature gyms that have treadmills, stationary bikes, and a few circuit weight machines. Squeeze in a workout before morning meetings or after dinner with coworkers to help you reach your fitness goals.

Find support
Coworkers often turn into close friends, lending the support you need to stay on track. If you feel comfortable, share with a coworker that you’re on a weight loss journey, so you’d like a little help staying accountable to your healthy lifestyle goals.

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