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How it Feels the Moment You Reach Your Goal

By Staci Amend

All weight loss journeys are unique. So even though there’s always a celebratory aspect to reaching your Jenny Craig goal weight, it can be a time of complex, varied emotions—so there might be some other feelings lurking behind your “I did it!” smile. Here are a few common emotions we’ve seen and experienced around our centers, and how to deal with them when they come.

Proud and happy
Everything about your weight loss journey took a deep commitment, from your first consultation to your last weigh-in. You should be thrilled that you’ve reached this amazing milestone, and happy to be entering a new phase of your journey. While meeting your goal weight won’t solve all the problems in your life, it’s a great thing to call into your mind when you’re feeling blue. Good job, you. We’re just as proud as you are.

Totally relieved
Relief is one of the trickiest feelings you might have when you reach your goal. On one hand, you should feel relieved! You’re closing the book on lots of unhealthy habits and probably some painful memories. You’ll get to increase your calorie levels and enjoy more self-styled meals. But on the other hand, your journey isn’t over; reaching your goal isn’t an excuse to fall back into old patterns. Think of your goal not as an ending, but as a milestone: a station you’re visiting during your ongoing trek towards a healthy, happy future.

Excited and anxious
There’s a lot to be excited about. You look and feel wonderful, and you’re probably receiving a lot attention and hard-earned, well-deserved compliments about your weight loss. If you’re an outgoing person, this will probably make you visibly glow—but if you’re shy, the extra attention might make you uncomfortable. If you’re squirming in the spotlight, try to understand that people are happy because they love you. Chances are, you’ll learn to love it.

You may also feel a little bit anxious about what’s coming next. Many of our goal-getters tell us they worried that they wouldn’t be able to keep the weight off, and that they felt reluctant to increase their calorie intake. These feelings are perfectly normal! Two really fantastic things about Jenny Craig: we ease you into the maintenance phase of the program over the course of a month, so there’s plenty of time to adjust… and your consultant is by your side the whole time. No worries, okay?

We asked the Jenny Craig community how it feels to reach your goal. Here’s a few of our favorite answers:

  • “Ecstatic and grateful! Weight loss is work, Jenny helps to give you the tools and of course the good food, however the determination and perseverance comes from within.”
  • “Fearful that if I'm no longer losing, I'm gaining. Hopeful that I've learned the new skills that will allow me to remain at goal. Excited that for the first time in my life, I may actually have this! Grateful, that I will continue with Jenny Craig for the maintenance journey up ahead.”
  • “I met my goal four months ago. When I met my goal, I thought, "Wow! It's great to feel like me, again." I enjoyed the feeling of being able to move easier and having more energy. I felt like I was in control of my eating, which helped me feel in control of my life.”

Now think about this: YOUR story is just as inspiring. How will you feel when you reach YOUR goal?

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