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Help! I Want a Cocktail

You’re following along with your diet plan and suddenly, a cocktail craving strikes. Don’t fret, you can indulge with an alcoholic beverage and still lose weight. Just remember that overindulging can lower your inhibitions and numb hunger cues. Be smart about your beverage choices and always consume in moderation.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you on track with your diet plan, while still fitting a cocktail into the mix:

  • Consider enjoying a mocktail: sparkling, diet ginger ale or sugar-free tonic water in a wine glass with a twist! No one needs to know you're going alcohol-free.
  • Enjoy lighter versions of your favorite beverages: wine spritzers, light beer or a skinny margarita.
  • “Stretch” calories by alternating alcohol with water or lower-calorie alternatives.
  • When you reach your goal weight, plan on following the advice of medical experts: no more than one serving a day for women, two servings for men.
  • You may choose to increase activity to offset the additional calories.
  • If you choose to drink alcohol while trying to lose weight, it’s best to limit your consumption to 1-2 servings.

Nutritionally, alcohol provides 7 calories per gram, so it counts as one or more fats and starches:

  • Wine 5 oz: 2 fats
  • Beer, regular 12 oz: 1 starch and 2 fat
  • Beer, light 12 oz: 1/2 starch and 2 fat
  • Margarita 6 oz: 1 starch and 4 fats
  • Martini 2 1/2 oz: 3 1/2 fats
  • Distilled Spirit 1 1/2 oz: 2 fat

Enjoy responsibly!