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Healthy Travel Tips

When you're on vacation or traveling for business, do your best intentions for healthy eating and physical activity fly out the window?

Keeping on track while on the road (or on a cruise ship) isn't as hard as it seems. These simple suggestions fit easily into even the busiest of travel itineraries:

  • Plan an active vacation, such as a walking tour instead of a bus tour, or a tennis camp instead of a cruise. If on the latter, don't despair! Take full advantage of the ship's workout facilities, and enjoy an after-dinner stroll on deck each night.
  • When making flight reservations, ask the airline about special meal options such as low-fat or vegetarian entrées, fruit or seafood plates.
  • Remember to pack your exercise clothes and swimsuit so you can work out.
  • Pack a few non-perishable, low-fat snacks to tide you over while traveling or in-between meetings.
  • If your hotel doesn't have a fitness room, find some stairs. Go up and down as many flights as you can for a terrific workout that can still help you keep up with your fitness routine.
  • Don't let travel derail your routine! Bring it with you on the road!