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Handy Tools for a Healthy Kitchen

By Ali Struhs

In a pinch, we’ve all substituted an ingredient in a recipe, but it’s always harder to make do when we don’t have the correct kitchen tool in hand. Having the right kitchen tools can make healthy meal prep a breeze and keep your diet on track. Here are seven handy gadgets you need for healthy eating.

This gadget turns vegetables into noodles you can top with pesto or even marinara, making it easy to sneak in more veggies in place of carbs. Spiralizers can be purchased for as low as $15 and are simple to use. Nutrient-rich vegetables that are perfect for spiralizing include sweet potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini and carrots.

Garlic press
Mixed in vegetables, soups, or sauces, garlic adds an immense amount of flavor to any dish. Utilizing a garlic press makes mincing cloves simple and easy. Just peel the clove, place in the press, and squeeze the handles for a healthful herb addition to any meal.

Storage containers
One of the easiest ways to stay on track on your weight loss journey is preparing nutritious fruits and vegetables in advance. A variety pack of storage containers keeps washed and cut fruits and veggies fresh and ready-to-eat in the refrigerator. You can also prep meals ahead of time, such as nonfat greek yogurt and a spoonful of berries and granola for breakfast or a crisp salad for lunch, and keep in storage containers, so you’re less likely to hit the drive-thru on a busy day.

Oil mister
Rather than drenching your salad or veggies in oil, use an oil mister to finely spray the perfect amount of oil. This handy kitchen tool gives you control over just how much oil to use; after all, a little bit of oil goes a long way when roasting asparagus and squash.

Roasting pan
Tired of always steaming your vegetables? Use a roasting pan and try browning them in the oven to enhance the sweetness of your veggies. Roasting pans can also be used to cook whole chickens, in addition to vegetables, such as asparagus, peppers, and zucchini, misted in oil. To make cleanup easy, line your pan with foil and remove when your meal is done.

Immersion blender
For under $100, an immersion blender is a kitchen must-have for healthy eaters. An immersion blender can be used in a glass to whip up a delicious breakfast smoothie, or it can also be used in a pot to puree vegetables into marinara or soups, cutting out the need for a blender or food processor. It’s faster and easier to clean, too!

Kitchen scissors
Keeping a pair of kitchen scissors handy in a drawer with your knives will make trimming fat off of raw chicken before grilling a breeze. If it happens to be a meatless meal, use your kitchen scissors rather than a knife to finely cut herbs, such as cilantro or basil, to season your roasted vegetables.

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