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Getting the Right Support

Having the support of others can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals and help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. Support people such as friends, family, your Jenny Craig in-centre or at-home consultant, co-workers, etc. can help by supporting and encouraging you or better yet, become active with you. Outline your support needs, and develop a plan to reach them:

1. Determine what you need the most help with -- is it staying on plan with your menu for the week? Is it getting motivated to exercise more? Avoiding sweets and junk food?

2. Now, think about who you can identify as a support source. Remember, it does not have to be a family member or friend. You can rely on a neighbor, exercise group or online support team to help you with encouragement and motivation.

3. Ask for specific help with the thing you need most. It might be asking for a friend to walk with you a few times per week or asking your co-workers to help you stay away from the snack machine. By asking for something specific, you give others the ability to help you better and stand a better chance of staying on track.

Giving yourself permission to ask for help can be the first step in staying on track -- and identifying your specific areas for support can help you stay there.