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Get Your Family on Board with Your Weight Loss Journey

Having a family support system can make meeting your weight loss goals much easier. As you commit to finding ways to lose weight, get your family excited about new activities and new nutritious foods to try along with you. Here’s how to get your family on board with your weight loss journey.

Ask for support
Sit down and have a chat as a family over dinner. Discuss your plan to lose weight* by becoming a member of Jenny Craig and explain why you are actively making these lifestyle adjustments. Ask for their support, whether that is by words of encouragement from your kids or a little extra help around the house from your husband.

Integrate lifestyle changes
Slowly introduce your family to new, healthier food options. Offer a bowl of fruit instead of a plate of cookies. Suggest your kids eat similar to your plan, and eventually, your pantry and refrigerator will be refreshed with foods that can benefit the whole family.

Family night
Schedule a weekly family night that is healthy and fun. Allow your family to choose the meal for the night. If they want pizza, you can participate, too, by choosing the “Rising Crust Pizza” from Jenny’s Cuisine®. Follow dinner with an activity the entire family can get excited about, like a dance party in the living room, a walk around the neighborhood, or playing a light game of tag at the park.

Set goals together
As a Jenny Craig member, your consultant can help plan your goals to fit with your family. Is your significant other needing to lose weight, too? Sit down together and set realistic healthy weight loss goals that will benefit you both. Reward each other with non-food items, like a special date night to the movies, a couple’s massage, or tickets to a sports game. Make it a family goal to spend time outside on weekends doing fun activities like going for a bike ride or for a hike.

Celebrate success
If you hit a weight loss milestone, celebrate your success together as a family. Get your kids excited about your progress by including them in rewards, such as a fun weekend getaway to the mountains or to the beach.

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**Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week