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Get Ready: Tips for Your First Charity Walk

Get ready! Your charity walk is right around the corner. Whether you've been training for the walk for months or are joining to support a cause with no prep, consider these tips to be ready at the starting line:

Footwear counts!
Walking, running or cross-training shoes that give you support and cushion will make your walk more comfortable and help protect you from injury.

Pace yourself
Start the walk at a slower-pace to raise your heart rate and prepare your muscles and joints for what's ahead. (If you’re striving for a personal best, warm up ten minutes before the starting gun goes off.)

Walk tall
Good posture can help reduce fatigue and back pain and make you look slimmer and more confident. Practice walking tall – keep your shoulders back, lift the top of your head to the sky and pull in your abs.

Congratulations on taking the initiative to get active and raise awareness. With a little planning you can feel good before, during and after the walk. Have fun getting healthy!