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Get More Steps in This Spring

By Staci Amend

As the days start to get a bit longer—and hopefully, warmer—it’s time to take your workout back outside! If you haven’t already joined the “app-controlled fitness tracker” craze, it’s a great way to let technology help you be more mindful of your daily activities. But even if you prefer to keep your fitness regimen a bit more low-tech, there are still lots of ways to get more steps in this spring. Here are a few of our favorites.

Enlist a furry friend.
Nobody’s more excited about your commitment to regular exercise than your dog. There really isn’t a time they’re NOT ready for a walk, so try starting every day with a brisk 15-minute outing. Once you get into the habit, you may find you’re up for an evening walk, as well. Moving at a reasonable pace (which is about 3.5 miles per hour for most people), you’ll log about 1,500 steps (and approximately 10 doggy smiles) per outing.

Take your workout to work.
Many companies have daily “stand-up” status meetings; who says your meetings can’t be in motion? The next time you have a one-on-one conversation that doesn’t require note-taking or presentation materials, why not hit the road? Instead of shutting yourself in a stuffy room, take your meeting outside—it may just become a habit. Assuming you’re walking slowly in your work clothes, you’ll still gain about 2,000 steps in 30 minutes. You can also replace your daily coffee break with a brisk walk or a few trips up and down the stairwell; find a co-worker who’s unlikely to let you off the hook for canceling, and make plans to “step up” at least three times per week.

Walk through your weekend.
Days off are FULL of opportunities to make moving your body a little more fun! About a half-hour of moderate hiking will get you more than 5,000 steps closer to your goal. Shopping will earn you more than 4,000 steps per hour, provided you keep moving—and that’s not even counting any added benefits you might get from your retail therapy. Even something as mellow as mini-golf can help you log steps…more than 5,000 per hour. Score!

With Jenny Craig, you never walk alone.
Having trouble finding a workout partner? Have a look around the Jenny Craig online community. It’s a great place to find virtual workout and/or weight loss buddies, find unconditional support and even join a step challenge with other motivated members. Find like-minded friends in our forums. Like your consultant, your fellow Jenny Craig members are here to support you… every step of the way.

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