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Focus on Maintaining Your Weight Loss

There are a lot of "quick-fix" weight loss solutions that promise maximum results with minimal effort. This may work for some, but keeping the weight off can be a challenge. The fact is there is no overnight solution or magic bullet for losing weight. A more sustainable approach is to incorporate healthy habits to help you learn how to meet your weight loss and fitness goals over time. This way you’ll be creating a lifestyle you can live with.

Eating better and getting regular physical activity for a week or two won't be enough to lose weight and keep it off. However, continued healthy habits may help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals.

Below are some healthy habits you can do right now to get you on track:

  1. Watch your portions. When eating out, take half your meal home with you and enjoy it for lunch the next day. At home, use smaller plates so your portions appear bigger than they really are.
  2. Stay satisfied with fewer calories. Build bigger, more satisfying meals with low-calorie-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, salads and soups.
  3. Get moving! Find ways to become more active every day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator; make time for walking breaks at work and park farther away from the store when grocery shopping or at the mall.
  4. Reduce stress. Take some time for yourself to relax and unwind.