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Fight the Cold Weather with Hot Yoga

When the weather isn't ideal, fitting in a jog around the neighborhood as part of a fitness routine may not seem like the most desirable exercise. It can be hard to stay focused on your healthy lifestyle when the winter winds are whipping you around.

Why not try a workout that you can do indoors that will make Old Man Winter disappear (for the time being, anyway)? Try Bikram Yoga —a vigorous form of hot yoga that is performed in a studio heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and has a humidity level of 40 percent.

Bikram Yoga typically involves 26 postures that are performed for 90 minutes, and many believe that this aggressive and lengthy fitness plan is a great way to target certain muscle groups while beating the winter blues.

Hot yoga isn't a physical exercise that's for everyone, though. If you're pregnant, have a hear. condition or a sensitivity to dehydration or heat stroke, you might want to stick to basic yoga courses or other fitness regime. as part of your exercise routine. Please consult your physician before taking up any exercise plan.

If you haven't tried hot yoga yet and want to fend off Jack Frost, why not give it a try? By staying out of the cold and burning calories, what do you have to lose?