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Family Fitness Activities for Spring Break

By Ali Struhs
February 27, 2015

Chirping birds, budding trees, and spring break are all just around the corner. What will your family be doing for spring break? Rather than sitting on the couch in front of the TV and sleeping in every day of the holiday week, get your family together for fun fitness activities. Whether you plan on a staycation at home or travel to an exciting destination, a Jenny Craig consultant can help you navigate healthy and fun activities for your vacation. Here are just a few ideas to stay active as a family during spring break.

Soak up the fresh spring scenery by taking your family on a hike. Whether it’s a casual jaunt in the foothills near your home, or a more extreme and strenuous hike in the mountains, you and your kids will enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Make it fun for small children by having them participate in a scavenger hunt for unique rocks, leaves, bugs, and animals. Be sure to bring healthy and energizing snacks and plenty of water.

Snowshoeing and skiing
Needing to get in a few more runs before the ski slopes close for the season? Pack up the family’s cold weather gear and head for the snowiest hills you can find. If you’ve never skied before, be adventurous and sign the family up for lessons. If making turns down the mountain isn’t your cup of hot chocolate, rent snowshoes and find a well-marked, tree-lined trail. Pack a healthy picnic of citrus fruits, heart-healthy nuts, and Jenny Craig snacks, such as Kettle Corn or Chocolate Cakes to pair with a thermos of hot cocoa.

Bicycle ride
On a warm afternoon, get out everyone’s bicycles for a ride around the neighborhood. Make it a trip to the farmer’s market to pick up fresh spring produce, like strawberries and asparagus, for dinner. If you have small children, pedal to the nearest playground and join them going down the slide and swinging.

Golf and tennis
Spring is the perfect season to dust off your clubs and rackets after a long winter. Schedule a tee time at your local golf course, or take on your significant other in a tennis match. Either way, you and your family will have fun driving the golf cart, serving tennis balls, and competing against each other.

Beach volleyball
Going on a beach vacation for spring break? Rather than sit around in the sand and sun all day, challenge your family to a beach volleyball match. Teach your kids the basics of volleyball, like set and spike, in a fun atmosphere -- under a bright blue sky with toes digging in the sand. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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