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Extreme Fridge Makeover

We've all changed our physical appearance with new clothing, a striking hair color or a fantastic hairstyle, but when was the last time you gave your refrigerator a head-to-toe makeover?

Eating-on-the-go is never easy, but revamping your fridge can help facilitate healthy snacking and habits. And think of all the meals a fridge filled with colorful and healthy items might inspire. Yum!

"When good nutrition is your focus, the most important thing is to put healthy foods front and center," explains Lisa Talamini, chief nutritionist and program director for Jenny Craig, Inc."You're less likely to eat what you have to dig for. Spend a little extra money and buy pre-cut veggie sticks, packaged salads, fat-free dips, watermelon chunks, fat-free string cheese and portable lowfat yogurts. You really will eat what's quickest and easiest to grab."

Here's how to do your own healthy refrigerator overhaul, one shelf at a time:

  • Top shelf - Trade out whole milk, sugary juice and soda for fat-free milk, whole fruit and flavored sparkling waters.
  • Deli drawer - Replace full-fat cheeses with reduced-fat mozzarella or low-fat feta; and replace standard lunch meats with lean turkey, ham and roast beef.
  • Produce bins - Don't hold back here — make sure to fill these bins to the brim with the  freshest fruits and vegetables you can find. Grapes, melons, peaches and berries can satisfy your sweet tooth and double as a healthy snack! Add veggie sticks (celery, carrots, jicama, bell peppers) and pre-mixed salads to this drawer as well, so you can still have a healthy lunch, anytime!
  • Refrigerator door - Stock up with a variety of flavor enhancers for salads and sandwiches such as German, Dijon and Maui onion mustards, capers, roasted bell peppers, fruit-and tomato-based salsas, fruit spreads, barbecue sauces, fat-free marinades, and reduced-fat Caesar, ranch, balsamic and honey mustard dressings. Who says your meal plan has to be boring?
  • Freezer - Fill up your freezer with frozen fruit bars, fat-free ice cream and sorbets. Just be sure to keep these items in the back of the freezer so you aren't tempted to reach for them every time you open the door. Also stock up on mixed frozen vegetables for quick and healthful eating and frozen whole fruits to use in breakfast smoothies. Toss out the hamburger meat, ribs and frozen pizza to make room for healthier protein options like individually wrapped fish fillets, chicken breasts and shrimp.
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