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Exercise Snacks

Does a trip to the gym sound daunting? Can’t seem to squeeze in a 30-minute walk? Starting from zero and jumping up to 30, 40 or 60 minutes of activity may be too much to bite off. Good news! Exercise snacks are the solution for you.

Exercise snacks are manageable “bites” of activity in 10- to 15-minute increments. Aim for one a day and then build from there. Get creative by mixing up cardio and resistance moves. Here are a few snack ideas to get you started:

  • Simple Walk: Just lace up your sneakers and go. Walk 6 minutes out, turn around and come 6 minutes back. Up the intensity by picking up the pace or adding hills.
  • Interval Walk: Warm-up with a comfortable walk for 3 minutes. For the next 9 minutes, alternate with bouts of jogging for 1 minute with walking at a brisk pace for 2 minutes.
  • Indoor Resistance Walk:
    •     o 1 min – Walk in place with high knees, pumping your arms
    •     o 30 sec – Squats
    •     o 30 sec – Push Ups
    •     o 1 min – Walking Lunges
    •     o 30 sec – Ab Crunches
    •     o Repeat all of the above three times for a 10 ½-minute exercise snack.
  • Jump to It: Put on some fast-tempo music and alternate between bouts of Jumping Jacks and No-rope Jump Rope. Keep it up for three songs.
  • Resistance 101: Rotate between Squats, Push Ups, Reverse Lunges and Sit Ups for 10-15 minutes. Don’t worry about counting reps or timing the segments, just keep moving and switch after feeling the burn.
  • Weather SOS: Stuck indoors? Check the clock, get up, and MOVE for 10-15 minutes. Walk, skip, gallop, dance, … throw in some lunges, cancan kicks and squats. Bet you can’t help but have fun too!

  • Try these exercise snacks or design your own—the sky’s the limit! Pick a consistent time of day (before the kids get up, before lunch, after work), and put it on your calendar. Start snacking today!