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Everyone Deserves a Cheerleader

Committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle may require breaking unhealthy habits and routines.

The process of turning unwanted habits into beneficial habits is not easy. It requires knowledge, vigilance and support. Your friends and family may want to help, but might not know the best approach. Gain their support by sharing your health goals and maybe even the list below so family and friends know how best to help.

  • Focus on my successes—not my failures. Please notice when I make positive decisions and don't be afraid to support or applaud my choices.
  • If I slip up, please remind me that this was a one-time indulgence, not a complete "diet buster."
  • Please don't bring sweets or salty snacks to share, or ask me to have "just a bite" of a food I've already rejected. Fresh fruit or veggies are good alternate choices.
  • When I'm tired, stressed, bored, angry or frustrated, I may be more inclined to make unhealthy food choices. Please help me to recognize these times and choose a different activity.
  • Exercise with me. Think of new ways we can get out and play.
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