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Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Labor Day!

Labor Day weekend is upon us. It’s summer’s last hurrah, a food-filled weekend of BBQs and parties, not to mention many potential challenges for weight loss and healthy eating. Be ready for Labor Day by following the strategies below.

  • Start your day with exercise. A three-day weekend is a perfect opportunity to fit in activity. Make it fun! You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. Get outdoors – hike, walk on the beach or around the lake, or organize a volleyball game. Once you’ve started your day with some healthy movement, you are less likely to abandon ship later on.
  • Wear form-fitting clothes. The feeling of them getting too tight may help you to curb your intake.
  • Bring a dish. It’s a win-win. You’ll look like a gracious guest and be bringing something that will support your healthy eating plan. You can bring something simple like a veggie platter or fruit salad, or impress your friends by bringing some healthy and yummy chicken kabobs to throw on the BBQ.
  • Don’t skip meals. Please, PLEASE don’t ‘starve’ yourself before going to an event. You’ll be hungrier and less likely to follow your plan. Make it easy on yourself by following our no-hassle Labor Day Menu.
  • Be social. Focus on greeting guests, meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Enjoy what is really important – time with your friends and family.
  • Scan the scene. Preview all the offerings before making your healthy choices. Fill one plate and don’t go back for seconds. Beeline to the front of the line at a buffet so you won’t be influenced by other people’s choices.
  • Choose your beverages wisely. Use mixers like sugar-free tonic water, soda water, and diet soda for your cocktails. Opt for the calorie-free drink options for non-alcohol beverages as well, like iced tea, sparkling water and diet soda. Keep your drinks in check in order to avoid extra calories.
  • Be mindful and savor every bite. Savor the different tastes and textures of your food after each bite. Eating slowly, putting your fork down between bites, and tasting each mouthful are easy ways to enjoy your meal and help your body feel satisfied with less food.
  • Keep your eye on your goals. Before you head out for your Labor Day fun, pre-plan your day to help you stay on track. Visualize yourself at the party, beach or wherever this Labor Day weekend may take you, making the choices you’ve planned for yourself.

Remember, your Labor Day meal can be just as healthy as any other meal. You choose what you eat. You are in control. Relax and enjoy yourself. Let important things like enjoying time with the family or catching up with friends be the focus of your Labor Day.