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Emotional Eating

Even if you have made great progress adopting healthy habits, you may still get visions of brownies when stress creeps in — don't feel alone when cravings hit during a big deadline at work or a recent break-up.

Craving "comfort foods" is normal when you are feeling anxious or blue — and sometimes you might find yourself eating foods unconsciously during tough times. That cookie may be delicious but in the long run emotional eating won’t reduce your stress or solve any issues, and it may hamper your weight loss goals.

Food can seem like a welcome distraction during times of stress. For instance, going out for pizza might appear to be a better solution than facing the negative emotions of a fight with your best friend. However, you must know that when you get back from the restaurant, your stressful situation will still be there.

Whatever emotions you are feeling, channel that energy into physical activity! It’s a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Most people know that moving more is good for your heart — but few know it’s also great for your mind and spirit. Next time you are faced with a stressful situation going for a walk or dancing could be a healthy outlet for your anxious feelings.

Even if you happen to indulge in emotional eating — wake up and start fresh the next day! Learning from your experience and having a positive attitude can help you make a plan to avoid these cravings in the future.