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Eating with Awareness

As you move along your weight loss journey, you can renew your pleasure of eating by increasing your awareness about the eating experience. As you learn to tune in to hunger cues, gauge your satisfaction and slow down, you may find that you are just as satisfied with one bite of that luscious dessert, instead of the whole piece.

Relearn the joy of eating by practicing mindful eating:

1. Take a breath to prepare yourself for mindfulness.

2. Appreciate the beauty of the food.

3. Take a single bite and chew slowly to savor the experience.

4. Notice the flavor and texture of your food.

5. Swallow and pause before your next bite.

6. Pause mid-meal to check your appetite.

Keep track of your mindful eating throughout your journey by using the Jenny Craig planner and tracker, the mobile app or your paper menu. Notice where and when you eat unplanned foods, and practice mindful eating during those trigger times. As you do this more, you’ll begin to eat more intuitively. You’ll know when you’ve had enough and stop when you are satisfied.