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Eat More, Not Less With the Volumetrics® Approach

From the beginning of your weight loss journey, you can begin working Volumetrics strategies into your Jenny Craig Menu. As you’ll see, there      are a variety of ways for you to add volume and satisfaction to both your Jenny Cuisine® meals and your own foods. When you are managing calories it is more important than ever to eat a good balance of healthy foods and nutrients.

Here are ideas to get you started:

At Breakfast...

  • Use whole-grain or high-fiber breads. You are looking for breads that are 100% whole- wheat or grain. The ingredients should list whole grains first.
  • Use Free Foods such as salsa and non-starchy vegetables in your egg dishes.
  • Use the fruit servings on your menu to volumize oatmeal, cereal or yogurt.

At Lunch...

  • Load up your garden salads -- veggies count as Free Foods on your menu, so you can double/triple/quadruple your daily portions for a few calories. To save calories, add water to your dressing to stretch it.
  • Add freshly chopped vegetables to add instant crunch to your Jenny Cuisine meals.
  • Choose whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa or wheat-blend pastas.
  • Remember to think of easy add-ons like cooked beans, tofu, and reduced-fat cottage or hard cheese.

At Dinner...

  • Incorporate the Volumetrics approach with your entreés. Many of the Jenny Cuisine meals can easily be combined with your favorite diced veggies.
  • Not a fan of vegetables? Turn them into sweet treats by roasting them in the oven. They caramelize themselves.
  • Freshen your menu by using seasonal favorites or convenient frozen mixes.
  • Take your taste buds to a different country and use herbs, lemon and condiments like mustard, Teriyaki sauce, flavored vinegars or salsa from the Free Foods list.

At Snack Time...

  • Add one small diced apple or pear to your yogurt for a heartier snack that includes one full fruit serving. Dream up other unique treats by trying different flavors of yogurt and varieties of fruit.
  • Whip up dips with zip by mixing salsa or hot sauce with fat-free cottage cheese or sour cream.
  • Create a sweet treat by adding 3 Tbls sugar-free whipped topping to sugar-free jello.

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VOLUMETRICS® is a federally registered trademark of Barbara Rolls, PhD, used under exclusive license by Jenny Craig Operations, Inc.